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What's the electric ballast?
2015-06-15 19:32:21

High-frequency electric  ballast maximize light ballast efficiency, bringing about elevated power efficiency and reduce operating prices. Electric ballasts operate lamps making use of electric switching power supply circuits. Electric ballasts take incoming 60 Hz energy (120 or 277 volts) and convert it to high-frequency AC (usually 20 to 40 kHz). Electric ballasts are more productive than magnetic ballasts in converting input energy to your good lights power, and their operating of fluorescent lamps at higher frequencies decreases finish losses, leading to an overall light ballast program efficacy raise of 16% to 22%.

Electric ballast possess a amount of other strengths in excess of magnetic ballast. Electric ballasts are readily obtainable that operate 3 or 4 lamps, making it possible for using just one ballast in 3-lamp and 4-lamp luminaries. This lowers each installation and discipline wiring labor fees, and could negate the necessity of tandem luminaries wiring as essential by the 1992 Energy Efficiency Requirements for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (Title 24). Electric ballasts are built to operate lamps in either series or parallel mode. The advantage on the parallel mode of operation is that just one lamp failure is not going to affect the operation with the remaining lamps managed from the exact same ballast. Even so, ballast losses will raise somewhat within the parallel mode. Other positive aspects on the electric ballast incorporate decreased excess weight, quieter operation, and reduced lamp flicker. Electric ballasts are directly interchangeable with magnetic ballasts, plus they are available to operate most full-size and compact fluorescent fitting.

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