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What's the electrodelessdischarge lamp?
2013-06-01 07:33:41

The electrodelessdischarge lamp, which may enhance thermal performance to achieve high output. The electrodeless discharge lamp comprising: a bulb filled with a discharge gas; and a coupler, the coupler is received in the cavity formed by the lamp, for generating high frequency electromagnetic field. The coupler comprises: an induction coil; into the core of the induction coil; thermal conductor for conducting the heat generated by the coil and the core; and a resin bobbin, for receiving the core and the heat conductor, and coil is wound on the bobbin. As the coil bobbin along the radial direction can be demolished, it can be molded independently of each part of the bobbin. Thus, the molded tube can be omitted when the bobbin is usually necessary draft angle, the bobbin can be made ​​thinner and uniform, and by reducing the volume of the bobbin in the cavity to increase the proportion of thermal the thermal conductivity of the body.

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