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The electromagnetic compatibility of metal halide electronic ballast
2013-04-21 07:36:12

Metal halide electronic ballast due to its internal circuit characteristics, determine its electromagnetic compatibility characteristics can not do a perfect job, despite advances in electronic ballast electronic circuits and components function so that the flow of the metal halide electronic ballast can reach Europe, North America and China corresponding product standards, but also make electronic ballasts paid the price in the manufacturing cost and power consumption.
(1) The the currently qualified metal halide electronic ballast total harmonic THDI about 12% -25%. European standard metal halide magnetic ballasts THDI only 10% -12%. American Standard Metal Halide (ahead of the peak-type) ballast total harmonic THDI about 25% -30%, slightly higher than the qualified electronic ballast.
(2), in the Foreign harassment (EMI), metal halide electronic ballast composite filter through the common mode and differential mode, basically to achieve the standard requirements of EN55015 and FCC, but because of the distribution of the light source power is larger, so attention to lighting and the input and output traces position in the actual installation is very easy because of the parasitic inductance between the input and output lines caused EMI exceeded phenomenon, especially the use of electronic ballast 250W 400W metal halide lamps, often because of the strong output wires radiated power caused by the failure phenomenon. European standard and American Standard magnetic ballasts are almost non-existent EMI problem.
(3), in harassment against external (EMS), the electronic ballast may appear to be more fragile, despite efforts metal halide electronic ballast can basically meet the requirements of IEC61547, but in addition to pay a significant cost In addition, the the received actual effect is not ideal, mainly during the EMS test, due to the inconsistency of the component parameters will always be a product of a certain proportion of unqualified phenomenon, especially in field applications, metal halide electronic ballast in the anti-lightning sensing capability, our distribution network is a polar power, grounding of the neutral line (zero line), when the thunder in the power cord, broad-spectrum of electromagnetic waves emitted by the lightning mere figurehead absorption due to line and neutral-to-ground discharge impedance between the two power supply lines between the power supply line and ground in an instant there is a higher voltage difference (according to the measurement, the voltage difference of up to 3000V-5000V) a voltage difference is very easy to make the internal components of the electronic ballast breakdown damage, which is installed in the wild HID Electronic Ballast often occurs somehow damage the main reason. European standard and American subject of inductive ballast almost non-existent outside anti-harassment and anti-lightning induced voltage.
(4), power-on surge current due to the presence of the electronic ballast power supply filter capacitor, making the boot of the moment a large inrush current, depending on the impedance of the power supply and phase of up to 15 - 30 times the normal operating current value European standard magnetic ballasts power current of only normal operating current of about 1.5 times, American Standard ahead of the peak ballast only about 1.3 times the normal operating current. Although a single electronic ballast is switched when the absolute value of the inrush current is not large, and acting on the power line time hundreds of milliseconds, but when used, often due to the metal halide lamp electronic ballast is a switching means controls Many electronic circuit of the ballast and the lamp, these electronic ballasts connected to the same switch circuit at the moment when power is turned on will generate a large absolute value of the inrush current. This boot inrush current is entirely possible to the local power grid overcurrent device movement to generate power outage. Metal Halide Electronic Ballast boot surge current characteristics of a large first glance the EMC standard IEC61000-3-3/GB17625.2 (electrical appliances connected to the grid due to the local grid voltage fluctuations and flicker limits) related, but in fact in terms of a specific metal halide electronic ballast, even through IEC61000-3-3/GB17625.2 standard testing, when used in large amounts, will continue to boot inrush current caused by the local grid voltage the obvious fluctuations even over-current trip. The more advanced and effective method is the input of the electronic ballasts plus took the zero guide the general formula solid state relays, power can reduce the inrush current to the normal operating current of 5 to 6 times, but a necessary increase the cost and the effect of a little less than satisfactory.


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