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The PF of the electronic ballast and harmonic performance
2013-05-22 07:24:06

Fluorescent electronic ballasts and fluorescent tube matched, in order to ensure the normal fluorescent lighting, and to achieve the performance indicators, electronic ballasts should coincide GB GB15143 and GB / T 15144 requirements.
1 rated supply voltage and the voltage transformation range. Ballast housing or on the AC input terminals, it shall be clearly marked to the parameter. If the indicated voltage range is very wide (eg 100 ~ 250V), when we should use prudent. As can start ballast 100V for power frequency voltage rating or higher (240V) field seasonal, series resonant voltage across the capacitor is very high in particular, not only affect the lamp, and could be damaged other components.
2 Rated output power or with electronic ballast lamp power matching, model and brought the number of lamps. Lamp power should be matched with the electronic ballast, ballast and some known as "can be connected with 16 ~ 40W fluorescent lamp," should not be optional. Since carrying ballast optimum power is in the affirmative, it is impossible to adapt to such a wide range, this ballast is impossible to satisfy the performance indicators fluorescent.
3 line power factor λ. Despite the lower limit is not set national standards, but in the rated supply voltage, rated frequency, with fluorescent line power factor after matching with λ ≥ 0.90 as well.
4. Supply current harmonic content flag "L" or "H". Electronic ballast and fluorescent lamp at rated voltage, to achieve stable work position, with the "L" and "H" logo electronic ballast supply current harmonic content does not exceed the national standard GB / T 15144 and GB T 17263 provisions, such as shown in the table.Only capacitor filter, supply current harmonic content will not achieve "H" level and "L" class level. Extensive use of electronic ballast spaces, harmonic content must meet the "L" or "H" grade level, otherwise it will affect the safe operation of power grid.
5 lamp warm-up time. Not less than 0.4 seconds.
6 lamp current crest factor (peak lamp current rms value ratio). Not more than 1.7

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