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Why does the electronic ballast energy-saving?
2013-02-21 05:04:26

(1) energy-saving. Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, multi-use 20 ~ 60kHz frequency supply lamp, lamp light efficiency than the frequency increase of about 10% (by ​​4 feet in length lamp), and its low power consumption, lamp total the input power is decreased by about 20% better energy-saving effect. (2) the elimination of the strobe light-emitting more stable. It will help improve visual resolution, improve efficacy; reduce visual fatigue of continuous operation, help protect eyesight. (3) The starting point is more reliable. Preheating the lamp after a successful, the starting point to avoid a number of the starting point. High power factor (4). More than 25W fluorescent lamps meet the national standards, the power factor is higher than 0.95. It should be noted, however, that the national standard for 25W or less Lamp predetermined harmonic limits so high that its power factor drop to 0.7 to 0.8. (5) stable input power and output luminous flux: high quality products, good voltage regulation, power, voltage deviation is large, the light source constant power to maintain stable illumination conducive to energy conservation. (6) to extend lamp life. The decline in high-quality products, constant power and lamp current and reliable starting point for factors such as lamp life can be extended. (7) low noise. High quality electronic ballast noise up to 35db less people feel the noise.


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