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Why does electronic ballasts efficient?
2012-11-17 08:28:55

1. Using a dedicated IC control wide voltage on electronic ballast, constant power output, the least external devices and the latest chip technology, optimize system cost;

2. Coreless Transformer Technology 600V half-bridge drive at reasonable drive the MOSFET has the highest reliability of ballast, the lowest scattering parameters;

3, support the multi-lamp design, and effectively reduces the volume of the ballast;

4 using the minimum start operating current and the warm-up characteristics, improve the reliability of the ballast, and prolong the life of the lamp several times;

Monitoring and protection features (abnormal lamp protection, lights Shou protection, overcurrent protection). Active power factor correction technology, the entire electronic ballasts in a high power factor, high efficiency, low harmonic state work.

7 has a good anti-electromagnetic radiation interference function, in line with the requirements of the GB.

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