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The electronic ballasts inductor
2013-03-09 07:34:46

Electronic ballasts common inductor, belonging to an electronic component, and applied to the electronic ballast, especially an adjustable inductance, the inductor common to the various power fluorescent lamp. The common inductor of the electronic ballast of the present invention, by a magnetic core and a coil wound on the core composition, wherein the coil has two or more tap points, a different tap point produce different inductance with the corresponding fluorescent characteristics match. Common inductor of the electronic ballast of the present invention, due to its versatility, so that a single a ballast to produce a variety of features is able to meet with various characteristics fluorescent match, not only the fluorescent lamp using the extended play its best light efficiency, but also play the purpose of energy saving, avoid the waste caused by the characteristics do not match, the same time, the life of the fluorescent ballasts can also be extended accordingly reduce rate of return for repair.

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