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Why electronic ballasts more energy-saving than magnetic ballast?
2013-02-27 01:41:15

 Energy saving fluorescent magnetic ballasts operating frequency 50HZ, operating frequency electronic ballasts, fluorescent 30-50HZ practicecase proved fluorescent work at this frequency, brightness than the work in 50HZ increased about 14%, i.e. to achieve the same light output of the fluorescent lamp, the electronic ballast may be a smaller power output to the fluorescent. traditional inductive ballast electronic ballast itself consumes power. ③ the use of electronic ballasts can greatly reduce the network load and network losses. Start conditions: (1) Temperature: inductive ballast due to start when the excitation energy is small, so must be normal to above 10 ℃ starter and electronic ballasts -25 ℃ still normal start. Voltage:fluorescent magnetic ballasts power supply voltage less than 180V can not be the starter;

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