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Does the electronic ballasts power than the lamp?
2013-03-01 06:40:42

Magnetic Ballast easy starter (start) lights, fluorescent tubes easily shorten the life of aging. Ballast inductance is too small, the current is too large by both ends of the fluorescent tube voltage is too high. The ballast power than fluorescent tube power is too small, the starter the starter is difficult or impossible. Because of the ballast inductance is too large, too small by the current, both ends of the low voltage fluorescent tubes. Ballast lamp power than is short than good current life.
Does the electronic ballasts power than the lamp?
The power of the ballast, the output of the high frequency voltage shocks is also high, this would allow the lamp power becomes large, reducing the life of the lamp. Electronic ballast power is generally only engineering value is not very accurate in terms of 32W and 36W, can be basically universal, the power consumption is not much.
Electronic ballasts, power can be used for a small lamp, power can not be used on large lamp?
Strictly speaking, the power of the electronic ballast can not be used for a small lamp, because of the design parameters of the two are not the same, can not achieve the the preferred ballasted effect, just because of the power of the power of the electronic ballast of the components used. is also large, so it will not be burned only; power small electronic ballasts not only can not provide sufficiently large work a large current to the lamp, to produce a normal illumination, and is itself also because the operating current exceeds its rated current burned.

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