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Why choose the electronic sodium ballast?
2015-07-18 06:47:57

High pressure sodium lamp electronic ballast features:

In the power supply and the high voltage sodium lamp and other gas placed between the lamp overall substitution magnetic ballast, trigger, compensation capacitor device, its installation and use more convenient, energy-saving effect is better (magnetic ballast energy saving 80% more than the), in open lamp or the lamp circuit in line current is automatically reduced to zero, high-pressure sodium lamp electronic ballasts will not damage nor for fuse caused large area lights, and also has no stroboscopic, no noise, silent resonance frequency, the use of long life and other advantages compared with the existing technique.

To overcome the above active electric ballast consumed 20%; overcome the reactive power loss due to ballast power factor caused by the low 60% (or line loss); to overcome the electromagnetic interference generated by conduction magnetic ballast on the grid environment pollution; pollution of the environment to overcome the magnetic ballast generated by AC Weng sound to overcome the magnetic ballast; when the lights go out instantaneous 5-15 minutes to re light the outward; overcome some trigger pulse high voltage damage to the lamp and ballast life; overcomes the disadvantages of magnetic ballast starting current greater than the working current to shorten the life of the bulb; overcome the open lamp, lamp ballast ills short Louis damage; to overcome the ballast due to low power factor working current, installed with wire diameter to 3-4 times caused by the large engineering cost burden; overcome the ballast installation complexity, workload analysis market much trouble

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