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What's the electronic transformer?
2014-10-21 08:33:44

 A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction.

A varying current in the transformer's primary winding creates a varying magnetic flux in the core and a varying magnetic field impinging on the secondary winding.
Electronic transformers can be used both in commercial and in your homes, its usually used in the residential arena because it only allows so much support to the lighting system before needing additional transformers. 
the transformers are very compact and much smaller than their magnetic counterparts. They provide built in protection against electrical shorts applied at the outputs and to the lighting system, In order for
electronic transformers to operate properly, the output must be loaded to a
minimum of 50% of the rated wattage of the transformer. Any output load
below 50% may result in lamps flickering and premature lamps burning out.
Since electronic transformers operate at much higher frequencies, most standard volt and amp meters intended for 6Ohz type measurements cannot be used to accurately measure the outputs of these transformers.
it is much smaller in size than a magnetic transformer and aesthetically more pleasing
compatible with dimming options
less expensive
more versatile in use, you can fit them in smaller places
has a shorter life span than a magnetic ballast
can not have long runs of lights; without additional support the electronic transformer can push enough power down the line for 6-8 ft from the source.
Electronic transformers may cause interference with appliances such as TVs and radios. If interference is a problem, a line filter may be installed either at the transformer or at the appliance input, Another option is to
use a magnetic transformer, which operates at a lower frequency and will
not cause any interference.

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