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What's the energy efficient light bulbs?
2015-06-24 08:36:29

Energy-saving lamps, also known as energy efficient light bulbs, electronic light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, refers to the combination of fluorescent lamps and ballast into a whole lighting equipment. In the global promotion of low-carbon environment, after more than 3 years of promotion, energy-saving lamps quickly replaced the traditional incandescent lamp.

energy efficient light bulbs are the biggest advantages of energy saving, so a common energy saving lamp is the price of incandescent lamp, energy saving effect in the end how? Not long ago, has been declared "the pursuit of quality of life, details highlight the taste" the Dutch electronics giant Philips was exposed energy-saving lamps energy-saving does not, in addition, domestic lighting brands NVC also because of the measured power exceeded on the black list, signifying the domestic lighting industry chaos recently, Beijing Consumers Association announced the report on comparative test of 53 kinds of energy-saving lamps, Philips, NVC and other products in the lamp power, the initial luminous efficiency different aspects existing problems found. Boarded the black list of PHILPS lighting products is a 5 Watt energy-saving lamps, the test results show that in fact, the measured power is beyond 6 watts. This means that this is called "energy saving lamp" products, not only does not save energy, but also special power consumption. But with NVC take the recall problem of different products, Philips has not made public response subsequently, Philips said apology and self-examination, and found that, until October 2010, Philips Lighting production of energy-saving lamps in some batches of product problems. PHILPS has already sold out of all the products sold out of stores or counters, and the issue of the sale of the product, agreed to consumers return.

The life of the skeleton and safety includes the following several aspects: the lamp holder (iron or copper, aluminum and plastic binding is tight; tube shell plastic parts based on whether the firm; shell plastic parts and plastic shell member card is fastened, high temperature can detachment; shell plastic parts are made of flame retardant high temperature resistant (180 DEG C) materials; electronic ballast circuit, circuit board using flame retardant materials; electronic circuit in the appropriate insurance element or insurance tube energy-saving lamp life mainly refers to the lamp and electronic ballast. The lamp of life with its raw materials, manufacturing process, manufacturing equipment, and quality control and assurance system has a very large relationship. An ordinary type energy-saving lamp electronic ballast composed about 30 components, if the damage to a raw device, then the energy-saving lamp can light up; if the original component of an electronic ballast is very good, but if the parameter adaptation is not good, electronic ballast of life is not long; if the above two items are doing very well, but if the process is not well controlled, quality management control is not good, above even if done again good is wasted color tolerance, Hin color index and the whole batch of product color consistent reactive energy-saving lamps capillary optical parameters of a important index. From these indicators we can see the purity of three color phosphor manufacturers, its technological level, its technical level. National standards for energy-saving lamps trichromatic fluorescent lamp 6400k color display color index greater than 78, color tolerances to less than 6; 2700k color temperature of energy efficient light bulbs display color index should be greater than 80, color tolerance less than 6; good energy-saving lamps products can reach this level.

Poor energy efficient light bulbs used as fluorescent powder, process and inconsistent, so the energy-saving lamp color tolerance it produced more than 15, the color index is less than 50, which for some commercial lighting is difficult to achieve, especially in some very large energy-saving lamps of the occasion, because of its low color index the color, consistency and difference, has certain influence on the lighting effect and written in the last vision: Recently, energy-saving lamps are not energy fired power we raise a Babel of criticism of from the market, the actual sampling three energy-saving lamps are no more than 5W, believe that after wind wave energy saving lamps, manufacturers will pay more attention to the quality of their products, such products will be more and more. The measured three energy-saving lamps prices, by 15 dollars of energy efficient light bulbs, we see the products, excellent workmanship, and five dollars of energy-saving lamps can also use, energy-saving effect can also be achieved, but the workmanship rough even if it doesn't affect the use of safety, life will not last long, so I recommend that consumers buy energy-saving lamps when try to pick up some regular brands, even if your a few bucks, product quality security with the assured.

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