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What's the energy-saving ballasts?
2013-10-26 06:51:28

Magnetic ballast integrated quality index mainly depends on good design and reasonable process . To make energy-saving ballasts with good performance and get the best price-performance , you should pay attention to the following aspects:

Magnetic Ballast shape and size selection , in the case of the same material consumption is directly related to the inductive ballast of the indicators . Extreme value according to the mathematical theory, the ballast section is rectangular , square, with minimal perimeter , and circular cross -section in the same condition week minimum length , which means that to minimize resistive losses of copper . In addition, if the ballast magnetic shorter the working time of the iron loss is smaller accordingly . But the shape and size of the ballast and lamps installed by the process feasibility size restrictions , so the case should be possible to move closer to these goals .
The energy-saving ballast decreases due to their own power to make its own heat greatly reduced, but still need to pay attention to the problem ballast voltage characteristics . Ballast voltage characteristics make a good lamp current crest ratio decreased significantly, thus ensuring lamp life. Right choke ballast , good line current voltage characteristics make Yi wave decreased significantly, but also the lamp current zero-crossing time of the strobe reduced , so that the lights on the restart after the zero crossing voltage requirements also reduced ; when the supply voltage rises, the increase in the lamp power will not make too much. Rational design of ballast core cross-sectional area , maintain adequate magnetic gap ( magnetic gap length L ≥ IN/1.10Bm) and winding turns , will be able to good volt-ampere characteristics.
Inductive Ballast is a wide range of products using large , in order to obtain a good production and social benefits , should make energy-saving ballasts have on the characteristics of large-scale production batches , so the design should take full note production and processing of silicon utilization efficiency and minimize the cost of processing , in order to improve energy efficiency ballasts cost performance and market competitiveness .

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