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Does the energy-saving lamps have radiation?
2015-07-19 02:16:10

The answer is yes. Is this worth a panic? The answer is "no". A few days ago, energy-saving lamps electromagnetic radiation exceeded public exposure to the safety value of the media, so that many people have worried. Energy-saving lamps of the electromagnetic radiation harm degree far less X-ray ionizing radiation in the and has the characteristics of "electricity, power", in life as long as the attention and energy-saving lamps to maintain a safe distance, totally do not have to panic, the expert will probe instrument leaned a energy-saving lamps, according to the switch at the same time, the instrument immediately issued a sharp warning sound "tick --". After testing, the market almost all energy-saving lamps in the near distance (10 cm) produced by electromagnetic radiation, more than the state of the relevant provisions on the protection of electromagnetic radiation."

A mobile phone instant electromagnetic radiation more than 40 V / m, then the value during a normal call immediately fell to single digits; and a TV set in the vicinity of the electromagnetic radiation of more than 100 V / m, left 30 cm after the value is reduced to ten, light ballast in the instantaneous pressure generated, to produce a set of electromagnetic radiation. Incandescent light produced by electromagnetic radiation is quite small, almost negligible. Experts suggest not to close for a long time to read bedside desk lamp, it's better not use energy-saving bulb.

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