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Super power industrial high bay lighting basic introduction
2017-10-05 22:49:55

Super power industrial high bay lighting basic introduction:


1, using a single integrated high power LED as a light source, using multi chip with

integrated single group source program, selection of imported high brightness

semiconductor chip, it has high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light

color, no ghosting and other characteristics;

2, super radiator, perfect radiator plan, so that the radiator body at work when the

temperature field is more uniform, greatly improving the system's thermal conductivity

and heat dissipation power.

3, low temperature infrared radiation coating, the irregular thermal motion of molecules

into infrared and far infrared radiation, so that the heat conduction, convection and

radiation of the three elements of organic connection, and then to achieve the best

cooling effect, useful to ensure the light and power of life; with excellent physical

and chemical stability and weatherability heat coating low temperature infrared

radiation, and a variety of colors available for selection; compact structure beautiful,

anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance is good;

Other customary advantages:

1., bright colors, monochromatic lighting, light exposure, soft and comfortable

2. the use of low power, using his long, luminous time up to 50000 hours. The energy-

saving effect is remarkable. The high-power LED light source is equipped with imported

high power supply. Compared with the sodium lamp, it can save energy by more than 70%;

3., constant current control is adopted, and the voltage range (AC85V-265V) is applied

to overcome the unstable lighting caused by the power grid, noise pollution and the

lamp, so as to avoid the influence and fatigue caused by the work;

4. light lamp body is delicate, easy to hide, simple device, not easy to damage.

Disassemble convenient, wide range of application.

5. interior of the lamp body through the structure and data, two layer shock absorption

structure plan, all the lamps and lanterns have good seismic performance, and the

utility model can effectively manage the external factors such as the lamp falling and

the support cracking caused by a great sensation.

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