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Features: High Intensity Discharge Hid Ballast JAMES Lamp Type: HID Wattage: 100 Watt Voltage Rating: 120 Volt Amperage Rating: 3.1 Amp (R-NPF) 1.8 Amp (R-HPF) Frequency Rating: 60 Hz Minimum Starting Temperature: -40 deg F Length: 2-5/8 Inch Width: 3.4 Inch Height: 2-3/16 Inch ANSI Code: S54 Model: 71A 115 Watt Input Power Contents Ballast Dry Film Capacitor 2-5/8 Inch x 2-3/16 Inch Core Dimension,Prewired with Capacitor,Brackets & Hardware included

Product Description

High pressure sodium lamps have been a staple in outdoor lighting applications for decades. Install a high pressure sodium lamp at your parking lot and in your security system or perimeter lighting. Choose from over 45 of our popular high pressure sodium ballasts.

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