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40watt T8 electronic fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V with UL

40watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V
Ballast Start Type : Instant
Ballast Lamp Type: T8
Ballast Max. Number of Lamps: 2
Ballast Voltage: 120/277
Light Output: High
Min. Starting Temp.: 0 Degrees F
Amps AC: 0.27 to 0.62
Input Watts : 73 to 74
Ballast Max. Lamp Watts: 40
Ballast Dimming Type: No Dimming
Ballast Factor: 1.18
Power Factor : Greater Than0.95
Length: 9-1/2"
Height: 1"
Wiring Type: Parallel

Product Description


40watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V


1.high frequency working status,fast start without flickering;
2.Low temperature rising, no noise, long life span,and fire resistant;
3.Could shut off automatically when the tube is time over,or woring in abnormal status,and it will restart change the tube;
5.Small size,light weight;
6.Low power consumption.

Ballast shall contain auto-restart circuitry to restart lamps without a reset of power.
Ballast shall operate input voltages 120-277, with variations of +/- 10% at 50Hz or 60Hz.Ballast shall be a high-frequency electronic type, and operate lamps at a frequency above 42kHz to minimizeinterference with infrared devices, eliminate visible flicker and avoid Article Surveillance Systems.
40watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V shall have power factor greater than 0.98 for primary lamp.
40watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V shall have minimum ballast factor of 0.87 for primary lamp.Lamp current crest factor shall be 1.7 or less, in accordance with lamp manufacturer recommendations.
Ballast shall have a less than 10% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
Ballast shall have a class A sound rating.Ballast shall have a minimum starting temperature of 0°F for 32W T8 lamps, and 60°F for energy-savingT8 lamps.

40watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V shall tolerate sustained open circuit and short circuit output conditions without damage.
Ballast shall not contain any PCBs.Ballast shall comply with ANSI C62.41 Category A for Transient protection.Ballast shall comply with ANSI C82.11.Ballast shall comply with FCC part 18 non-consumer equipment for EMI/RFI (conducted and radiated).
40watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V shall be manufactured in facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.Manufacturer shall have a five-year history of producing electronic ballasts for the North American market.LISTINGSBallasts shall be Underwriters Laboratory listed, Class P, Type 1 Outdoor, and CSA certified.

Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V for T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps
1x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w/70w
2x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w/70w
3x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w
4x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w

Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V for T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps
1x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w/80w
2x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w/80w
3x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w
4x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w

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