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60watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V

60watt Electronic Fluorescent ballasts 120-277V
Ballast Start Type : Instant
Ballast Lamp Type: T8
Ballast Max. Number of Lamps: 2
Ballast Voltage: 120/277
Light Output: High
Min. Starting Temp.: 0 Degrees F
Amps AC: 0.27 to 0.62
Input Watts : 73 to 74
Ballast Max. Lamp Watts: 40
Ballast Dimming Type: No Dimming
Ballast Factor: 1.18
Power Factor : Greater Than0.95
Length: 9-1/2"
Height: 1"
Wiring Type: Parallel

Product Description


60watt Electronic Fluorescnet ballasts 120-277V


normal factor: 0.88.
Instant start. Parallel circuit type.
Starting temperature is 0°F for 58W lamps;
60°F for energy-saving T8 lamps.
Input voltage: 120-277; 50Hz or 60Hz. UL Listed Class P; CSA Certified.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM  Ballast shall be instant start.

Fluorescent ballasts 120-277V for T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps
1x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w/70w
2x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w/70w
3x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w
4x 10w/15w/17w/18w/20w/25w/30w/32w/36w/40w/58w

Fluorescent ballasts 120-277V for T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps
1x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w/80w
2x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w/80w
3x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w
4x 4w/6w/8w/13w/14w/18w/21w/24w/28w/31w/35w/39w/49w/54w


60watt Electronic Fluorescent ballasts 120-277V shall contain auto-restart circuitry to restart lamps without a reset of power.
Ballast shall operate input voltages 120-277, with variations of +/- 10% at 50Hz or 60Hz.
Ballast shall be a high-frequency electronic type, and operate lamps at a frequency above 42kHz to minimize interference with infrared devices, eliminate visible flicker and avoid Article Surveillance Systems
Ballast shall have power factor greater than 0.98 for primary lamp. Ballast shall have minimum ballast factor of 0.87 for primary lamp. Lamp current crest factor shall be 1.7 or less, in accordance with lamp manufacturer recommendations. Ballast shall have a less than 10% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Ballast shall have a class A sound rating. Ballast shall have a minimum starting temperature of 0°F for 58W T8 lamps, and 60°F for energy-saving T8 lamps. Ballast shall tolerate sustained open circuit and short circuit output conditions without damage.

60watt Electronic Fluorescent ballasts 120-277V shall not contain any PCBs. Ballast shall comply with ANSI C62.41 Category A for Transient protection.
Ballast shall comply with ANSI C82.11.
Ballast shall comply with FCC part 18 non-consumer equipment for EMI/RFI (conducted and radiated). Ballast shall be manufactured in facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.
Manufacturer shall have a five-year history of producing electronic ballasts for the North American market.
LISTINGS Ballasts shall be Underwriters Laboratory listed, Class P, Type 1 Outdoor, and CSA certified."

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