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High Pressure Sodium Outdoor 400w Flood Light

High Pressure Sodium Outdoor 400w Flood Light:
Manufacturer: James Lighting
Light Bulb: Included 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium
Measured Light Output: 28,000 Lumens
Ballast Wattage: 250W HPS
Voltage: Quad-Tap 4-Tap (120V/208V/240V/277V)
ANSI Ballast Type: S50
Flood light Body Dimensions: 16.5H x 16.5W x 6.89D
Warranty: 2-Years
Fixture Color: Dark Bronze
UL Listed for wet locations

Product Description

High Pressure Sodium 400w Flood Light S50 4Tap
High Pressure Sodium Outdoor 400w Flood Light HPS S50
4-Tap Operation Voltage: 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V | Lumens: 28,000

High Pressure Sodium Outdoor 400w Flood Light Fixture S50 4-Tap
Outdoor 400w Flood Light include a heavy duty powder-coated die cast aluminum housing with a tempered glass hinged door. The flood light fixtures has a polished aluminum reflector and the door seals with a silicone gasket preventing moisture and dust. Flood light fixtures includes a HPS light bulb, fixture body, ballast kits, lamp holder and choice of mount. UL listed for wet locations.

400w Flood Light Mounting Choices:
Swivel Bracket for flat surface mounting or Slipfitter for 2 3/8 Tenon for pole mounting.

Outdoor 400w Flood Light for multiple lighting applications:
Outdoor 400w Flood Light are used for lighting building facades, playfields, greenhouses, displays, signs, or general security lighting or anywhere bright, economical lighting is needed.

400w Flood Light installation:
HID flood light installation should be performed by a qualified electrician. Supply power should be turned off when replacing components or checking connections. Never perform maintenance or cleaning while fixture is energized. Disconnect power and allow lamp to cool before replacing.

Featuring an IP65 rating, this outdoor light can easily be used in wet conditions or changing weather with its waterproof properties. It is designed with a black coloured appearance and is compact in size.

A 400w Flood Light supplied with a high output, energy efficient lamp. This flood light fixtures are ideal for commercial and industrial lighting applications,mounted a 6 metres high, this flood light fixtures will light up an area 20 metre x 20 metre to above street lighting level. An ideal solution for car parks or similar areas.

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