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tri proof led light dual-tubes


LED Tri-proof light


dual-tubes,40W LED Tri-proof Light, Equal to 80W Fluorescent Tube Light, Daylight White


1200mm tube light holder with G13 connection, water proof light housing used for outdoor lighting.

Product Description

A,   Tri proof led light Feature

1.Outline size:1260x108x85mm     (660x108x85mm,  1560xx108x85mm)
2.Double tube light fixture
3.Water proof design
4.Designed for tube light with G13 holder
5.Original: Guangdong, CN

B,  tri proof led light  Component:
6.PC lampshade + PC/ABS rear housing + Seal ring + Middle metal plate + Water-proof connector + Side-lock holder + Clips

C,   tri proof led light Material:
7.Polycarbonate for lampshade
8.Polycarbonate/ABS for rear housing
9.Silicon rubber for seal ring
10.Polycarbonate/ABS or Metal for lock holder
11.Metal with insulating paint for Middle metal plate
12.Anti-oxidative Metal for clips
D,   Transmittance: 70~75% for diffuser
80-90% for transparent
E,   Length: 2/4/5feet (660/1260/1560mm)

F,   Reliability Test:
13.Salt mist test
14.Extreme environment test
15.Aging test
16.Transmittance measuring

G, tri proof led light  Report:
17.RoHS and CE are available

H,  tri proof led light Applications:
18.Parking lot
19.Plant lighting
20.Warehouse lighting
21.Railway station and bus station
22.Outdoor lighting

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