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IP65 tri proof led light fixture

1.Outline size:1260x73x85mm   (660x73x85mm,  1560x73x85mm)
2.mono-tube tri proof light
3.Water proof design
4.Designed for tube light with G13 holder
5.Original: China


Product Description


tri proof light


PC lampshade + PC/ABS rear housing + Seal ring + Middle metal plate + Water-proof connector + Side-lock holder + Clips

tri proof light Material:
Polycarbonate for lampshade
Polycarbonate/ABS for rear housing
Silicon rubber for seal ring
Polycarbonate/ABS or Metal for lock holder
Metal with insulating paint for Middle metal plate
.Anti-oxidative Metal for clips
tri proof light Transmittance: 70~75% for diffuser
80-90% for transparent
Length: 2/4/5feet (660/1260/1560mm)


ip65 tri proof led light fixture, tri proof light, IP65 anti-corrosive Aluminum+PC or PC+PC led light,with stainless steel clips, BEST Dust and Corrosion ip65 tri proof led light fixture,These ip65 tri proof led light fixture are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting systems and will help you reduce your energy consumption,2ft,4ft,5ft,20watt,40watt,60watt,80watt in Option,Anti-glare,CRI 90,Up to 120lm/watt,5 years warranty, Emergency kit and James dimmer in option

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