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Fluorescent Lamp Starters 4-65W
  • 2 pin standard glow type fluorescent lamp starter designed to fit a wide range of single circuit fluorescent lighting units from 4 to 65 watts. 200 to 250 volts. The canister is manufactured from high-impact material and incorporates a radio interference suppression capacitor.
  • Voltage, supply - 250V
  • Pins, No. of - 2
  • Power rating - 80W
  • Voltage, supply AC max - 250V
  • Voltage, supply AC min - 200V
Product Description
  • The only fluorescent Lamp Starters 4-65W that offers fast, easy installation with no need to use any extra tools
  • No irritation – even firmly stuck starters can be removed easily
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable concept (free of lead and radioactivity)
  • More than 25% longer lamp life; lower maintenance costs compared with lower‑quality, non‑IEC‑compliant starters
  • Optimal connectivity through brass components and oxidation-resistant brass pins
  • Flame-retardant components and UV-resistant canister for additional safety and secure ignition
    Technical Data  
    Length (excluding pins) 35mm
    Diameter 21.5mm
    Pin pitch 12.7mm
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